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A romantic weekend away, a girlie getaway, some mother-daughter bonding or a birthday treat, it's easy to find an excuse to give thalasso a go. Take your pick from the France's finest thalassotherapy centres and relax and unwind along Brittany's breathtaking coast. A unique approach to wellbeing in exceptional surroundings – you're definitely worth it... 

Taster packages

Seawater therapy, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, seaweed wrap or sea salt scrub...Not quite sure what it's all about? The best way to find out is to try it for yourself. From the fine mist of an affusion shower to the targeted touch of a detoxing massage, give it a go – you're sure to love it...

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Just for a day

You don't need to put aside a whole week to discover the wonders of thalassotherapy. One or two carefully selected treatments need only a few hours or a day; you'll be able to experience for yourself the success of the seawater treatments for which Brittany's thalassos are renowned. Wellbeing guaranteed.

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Something for the weekend

If the daily grind is getting too much and you're in need of a little time out, why not go for a relaxing spa or thalasso weekend? You'll be beside the seaside, naturally, with the added bonus of expert treatments to soothe and treat you from top to toe. Whether it's just for you, with a loved one or with friends, feel the benefits of a wellbeing weekend.

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Make a week of it

If you have a particular area that you wish to target, a concentrated thalassotherapy cure will take care of it. Each thalassotherapy centre offers specialist week-long programmes of targeted treatments to get you feeling back on form and full of vitality – what's stopping you?

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