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Leave work and everyday anxieties far behind as you ensconce yourself in a picture-postcard seaside town on Brittany's unspoilt coast. Hand yourself over to qualified experts and the healing powers of Mother Nature with healthy meals to ensure you get the vitamins and minerals your body needs while relaxing treatments and gentle exercise make your cares float away.

A stone's throw from unspoilt towns and villages and charming seaside resorts, Brittany's thalassos are to be found in exceptional surroundings – perfect for those who want to leave work and everyday anxieties far behind... Here, the pure sea air invigorates while targeted treatments get to work and you're looked after from top to toe. A tailor-made break to restore your body and soul's natural equilibrium.

Don’t stress

Looking out to see, you're a million miles away from the daily routine and a thalasso provides the perfect setting to relax. Massages and hydrotherapy baths soothe and ease tense muscles while beauty treatments and walks out in the fresh air work on the spirit. Find complete peace and tranquility and learn how to manage your stress for a long-term stress-free life.

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Get some sleep

If you have problems sleeping, thalassotherapy treatments can help. Along with a tailor-made programme of relaxing treatments, you will learn how to reset your body clock and and restore your natural sleep patterns so that, once again, you can wake up feeling revived and full of vitality.

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