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Need some time out? Head to a spa

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Massage techniques from the world over, a tempting array of beauty treatments, pampering from head to toe... Find sanctuary in one of Brittany's spas. In sumptuous settings, it's all about your wellbeing and relaxation; forget about everything else and be transported to another world – one of pure pleasure...

Balance body and soul

A spa break is a chance to get away from it all and to dedicate some time to yourself. Step into the tranquil haven and treat your senses for the ultimate in feel-good relaxation. Purify body and mind, recentre yourself and pamper the skin and soul with carefully chosen treatments given by dedicated qualified beauticians. You can make the most of spa treatments in hotels, thalassotherapy centres and even in some of Brittany's campsites and whether it's an hour or a week, you will feel the positive effects immediately...

Relaxation guaranteed

Stepping over the threshold of a spa is to step into another world: a soothing and tranquil haven, gently fragranced and supremely relaxing. Suspend reality while you choose from a range of treatments to get you feeling on top of the world. Massage techniques from around the world, ancient rituals or the latest innovative treatment, hammam or hot tub; treat yourself to a hand-picked selection of exquisite treatments and reap the rewards as you unveil a beautiful new you.

Establishments must adhere to the following basic criteria to be recognised as a spa in Brittany:

  • Offer a dedicated spa area
  • Offer a minimum of two treatment rooms (one for the body and one for the face) with a shower or sink in each
  • Offer a wet area with a pool, hammam, Jacuzzi or hot tub
  • Offer a relaxation lounge with herbal teas
  • Have qualified beauty therapists on a permanent contract
  • Offer a choice of face and body treatments all year round

Optional: Offer a changing room with shower area (if the treatment rooms do not have showers)

Need to know

In French, there are two words for 'massage': massage and modelage. According to the Law 2005-882 dated 2 August 2005, a distinction is made between massage which can only be administered by a masseur kinésithérapeute or a qualified 'massage physiotherapist' and modelage, which refers to massage administered by a beautician.