Thalasso for health benefits

Mother Nature's medicine

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The curative qualities of thalassotherapy can help with all manner of aches, pains and ailments. Chronic fatigue, back pain, stiff joints...targeted treatments get to work to prevent and relieve common afflictions. A few days in the sanctuary of a thalasso will have you feeling full of health and vitality in no time.

Tender loving care

Whether you're taking preventative measures or you're looking for a cure, the healing powers of seawater are harnessed to get you back in tiptop health. Those who suffer from poor circulation or swelling in the lower limbs will benefit from a programme of hydrotherapy sessions, gentle water aerobics, massage and lymphatic drainage, leaving you feeling soothed, refreshed and lighter.

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Goodbye to backache

Backache is one of the major ills of our time and consistent or recurring pain can affect not only your health but your spirit too. If you want to ease the pain and find that lightness of body and soul once more, opt for a specially designed treatment programme. Hydrotherapy loosens up the muscles while massages and sea-mud wraps ease stresses and strains to target the source of the pain itself. The result? A soothing of the pain and the teaching of good practice to prevent it from recurring. No more back pain.

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Forever young

Young of heart, soul, body and mind... Thalassotherapy can help to keep you looking and feeling younger for longer with a combination of treatments to help keep joints supple and skin elastic. Tone up with gentle exercise, hydromassage and aqua-aerobics and reveal a fresher, more toned you, full of new-found vitality.

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