Thalasso for weight loss

The skinny

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If you are looking to lose those extra pounds, head to Brittany for a mini-break in a thalasso. Dedicate some time to yourself for healthy, tasty eating, toning and sculpting treatments and relaxation for the body and soul that works inside and out for a leaner, more toned you.

Slim and trim

A tailor-made programme will resculpt your body and help you to lose those extra pounds for good. Toning massages, firming jet showers, hot seaweed wraps and the latest innovative treatments; a week of pampering in the hands of the professionals will smooth and redefine while making cellulite a thing of the past.

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Results guaranteed

For long-term weight loss, a slimming treatment at a thalaso will set you off on the right foot. In the hands of professionals, all aspects of getting you fit and trim will be taken care of with a combination of healthy eating and detoxing and toning treatments. Expert nutritional advice for intelligent long-term slimming provides the basis while complementary treatments help deliver faster results . Armed with good habits and a fantastic kick-start, you'll be on your way to a leaner you – and new-found confidence too.

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Extra-curricular relaxation

While lymphatic drainage and sculpting massages reshape your body, you can dedicate some time to your soul. Carefully selected relaxation techniques and beauty treatments perfectly complement the gentle physical activity and healthy eating that have become second nature. Encouragement from your fellow thalasso residents around mouthwatering yet healthy meals will spur you on and it won't even feel like you're on a diet... What's stopping you?

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