Thalasso for wellbeing

Find your balance

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Restore your body's natural balance with a mini-break by the sea in one of Brittany’s refined thalassos. Whether you want to detox to cleanse the body, destress with the ultimate relaxation techniques, reset your body clock or get back into sport and healthy eating, a thalasso can help. An extra special week that will leave you rested and reinvigorated. 

...and relax

Feeling fatigued and stressed? Take some time out to get back on top and recharge the batteries. Iodised sea air will fill your lungs to instantly energise while relaxing massages, mineral-rich seaweed baths and hydrotherapy treatments get to work too to eliminate toxins and restore your vitality.

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A good night’s sleep

If your sleep is suffering, reset your body clock with a dedicated thalasso programme. Light therapy, targeted and relaxation massage and marine-based treatments all work together to rebalance your body and establish restorative sleep patterns.

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Pure vitality

For the ultimate detox, make the most of the very latest techniques available in Brittany’s thalassos. Eliminating harmful toxins will leave you feeling full of energy and you'll feel the benefits inside and out. With an emphasis on diet and lymphatic drainage, oxygen therapy and the usual seawater treatments are also on the agenda for a holistic approach.

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A breath of fresh air

If you want to feel fit and healthy, make exercise a part of your daily routine or if you're just looking for a healthy holiday, try a thalasso break that focuses on physical exercise. Walking along the coastal path, surfing, yoga, Nordic walking... Combine your activity of choice with beneficial treatments for the ultimate restorative, feel-good break.

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