Why Brittany?

Brittany, the home of seawater therapy

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Seawater therapy, also known as thalassotherapy, uses the healing and restorative powers of the sea for your health and wellbeing – and Brittany is THE place to go for it. The physical and chemical properties of the sea as well as the marine environment and marine plants are all used to help cure, sooth, ease and relax so all you have to do is lie back and leave it to the experts...

Brittany, 100 years of thalassotherapy

Sea air that is a veritable tonic, a gentle marine climate and seawater that is uniquely rich in minerals and trace elements – all of these things make Brittany the number one destination for thalassotherapy. Brittany has been the centre for seawater therapy since its first recognised incarnation in Roscoff – and today's visitors reap the reward of more than 100 years of perfecting the science. The region's prestigious and reputed thalassotherapy centres are naturally found in privileged seaside spots and a thalassotherapy break will leave you feeling transformed and full of vitality.

100% Brittany

Put together a blissful mini-break with carefully chosen treatments, nutritionally balanced meals – and free time to enjoy the delights of Brittany. Whether it's the unspoilt beauty of the coast, picture-postcard fishing villages or spiritual groupings of ancient standing stones, you'll get to discover your very own extra-special Brittany.

For a brand new you...

From the fresh sea air that you breathe to the gentle and effective treatments, from the professional expertise to the exceptional surroundings, a thalassotherapy break in Brittany will transform you, body and soul, inside and out... Shhh, thalassotherapy is Brittany's best kept secret...

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